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Chakra Four: Anahata - Heart Chakra
Love - Harmony - Healing

4th Chakra is the center of compassion and love. When you are hurt in life or love, the first impulse is to close your heart. You must release your pain and love again. 4th chakra governs the energy of compassion, empathy, healing and love. When 4th chakra is balanced and empowered one feels connected, compassionate and loving. The power of love promotes healing of self and others.

Aloha Bay uses fragrance found in nature - pure flower and plant essences with the power to revive or sooth, heal or protect. These Chakra Energy Pillars are infused with essential oils selected for their aromatherapy benefits relative to balancing each Chakra.

Votive candles of palm wax with 100% Pure Essential Oils. •2 oz. • Burn Time: 16 hrs.

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